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2018/7/9 9:53:44





3M has launched two of its most versatile anti-graffiti wrap overlaminates yet, bringing the potential for huge cost and time savings to the rail industry.


Its Anti-Graffiti Wrap Gloss Overlaminate 8588G and Matte Overlaminate 8590M are easily cleanable, highly conformable and durable, thus making them the ideal choice for use on curved surfaces and marking a breakthrough for train operators.


On train exteriors, the products can be used to wrap and protect all surfaces, including parts such as railcar noses, while for interiors they can be applied to everything from textured carriage walls to window frames. In train stations, they can even be used to cover textured and small brick walls.


Able to withstand repeated abrasion from washing, both products are covered for up to eight years by the 3M MCS warranty and the 3M Performance Guarantee.

能够承受由于清洗而产生的反复磨损,加上3M MCS保修和3M性能保证,两种产品均可承保长达八年。

3M Technical Expert Tim Beyer said: “Rail operators have been crying out for wrap overlaminates that offer great stain-resistance, stretching properties and durability all in one, so we are excited to announce our latest offering, which we believe has potential to save these customers huge sums each year.”

3M技术专家Tim Beyer表示:“铁路运营商一直在呼吁为包裹层提供优异的抗污染性、伸展性和耐用性,所以,我们很高兴我们最新的产品可以做到这些,使得客户每年都会收到巨额款项。”

Graffiti costs train operators millions of pounds annually, with Network Rail alone spending £3.5million each year, while cleaning is also extremely time-consuming.

每年,涂鸦成本大约要百万英镑,加上清洁工作也非常耗时,而Network Rail每年仅花费350万英镑就能获利。

Furthermore, the number of graffiti attacks on UK trains is reportedly at an eight-year high, with 399 recorded in the first quarter of 2018.


Rail specialist laboratories, including SNCF in France, have independently tested the new 3M wrap overlaminates.


While many anti-graffiti overlaminates must sacrifice conformability to achieve stain-resistance, the new 3M products attain both, thanks to their unique fluoropolymer blend, a composition that also provides them with an excellent anti-silvering performance, producing a quality finish even on textured surfaces.


Tim added: “At 3M, our dedicated team of experts is continuously innovating to push the boundaries of what is possible. These new anti-graffiti wrap overlaminates make a praiseworthy addition to our already extensive portfolio.”






Formed in Estonia in 2004, Vipline specialises in the provision of wide format printing and illuminated signage for advertising agencies and designers.


Having identified a demand for specialist finishing applications that remained unfulfilled by existing machines, Vipline decided to create its own solution, the Vroller. Developed using high-quality components sourced from world-leading brands, It is made from tool steel with a 5mm and 3mm thickness, which provides a reliable and stable structure for the applicator’s mainframe.


The moving head linear rail system is made from parts supplied by the Schaeffler Group, a German manufacturer of rolling elements and bearings for the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors since 1880, which also supplies components to Formula 1 manufacturers and for the NASA Space Shuttle.


The machine’s linear rail system uses only five percent of its capacity for weight, so it can comfortably cope with any material used by the sign and print sectors.


The SMC Pneumatics Corporation of Japan makes the pneumatic system, which lifts and lowers the main roll. Since 1956, this world leading company has specialised in pneumatics and its products can be used with any type of compressor. All other components have been chosen because of their proven high-quality and robustness.

日本的SMC Pneumatics Corporation公司专门生产可升降主辊的气动系统,自1956年以来,这家世界领先的公司专注于气动技术,其产品可用于任何类型的压缩机,所有其他组件都是经过选择、经过验证的高品质和坚固耐用品。

The roll is covered with high-density vulcanized rubber (50 sha) and the table can be covered either with 22mm HDF board or 10mm tempered glass (with LED illumination). Both of these materials can easily hold materials up to 500kg and the high-density rubber cutting mat has a lifespan of at least five years.


Vroller has established a worldwide distribution channel for the product.





Orafol used the occasion of the recent FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin to introduce a series of new and innovative products for the sign and display sectors.


They included ORAJET 3952F Digital Printing Film, a new cast and highly transparent film, which is ideal for use on shop windows and glass doors and combines long-term durability with ease of application. It can be used in conjunction with the new ORAGUARD 252F lamination film. Another new release wasORAJET 3851 Digital Printing Film, a digitally printable etched glass film for use in long-term applications, which once again, can be used on windows and glass doors.

新产品包括ORAJET 3952F数字打印薄膜,这是一种新型高透明膜,将长期耐久性与易用性完美结合,非常适合用于商店的橱窗和玻璃门,此外,它可以与新的ORAGUARD 252F层压薄膜结合使用。另一个要介绍的产品是ORAJET 3851数字打印薄膜,这是一种可长期应用在数字打印蚀刻玻璃上的薄膜,也用于窗户和玻璃门上。

In addition, the ORACAL 970 Premium Special Effect Cast range now includes eight vivid colours that can be used to create stunning vehicle wraps and graphics, while the ORACAL 351 range of metallised films has been further expanded with the addition of Rose Gold, which is available in a 50 micron thickness, and has a glossy surface.

此外,ORACAL 970 Premium Special Effect Cast系列包括八种鲜艳的颜色,可制作出令人惊叹的车辆包装图形,而ORACAL 351系列金属化薄膜随着可用玫瑰金色的进一步扩展,在50微米的厚度表面也有很好的光泽表现力度。

The ORACAL7710 Fluorescent Premium Cast Plus range of fluorescent films has also been extended with an improved version that is specifically developed for application onto emergency services vehicles. The new ORACAL 7710RA comes in fluorescent yellow and fluorescent red and offers extended durability as well as improved application properties.

ORACAL7710 Fluorescent Premium Cast Plus系列荧光薄膜在性能上也进行了扩展,改进后的版本专门针对紧急服务车辆应用而开发。 新型的ORACAL 7710RA具有荧光黄和荧光红两色,并且具有更高的耐用性,以及更好的应用性能。

Finally, ORAGUARD 244G, a UV resistant Anti-Graffiti Film enables users to quickly and easily wipe graffiti from their prints, leaving them as good as new.

最后,ORAGUARD 244G是一种抗紫外线的防涂鸦薄膜,这款产品使用户能够快速轻松地擦除涂鸦,使原有的薄膜像新的一样。




The appearance, performance and safety of commercial, industrial and residential buildings can be transformed with a new range of Architectural Window Films revealed by Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions at FESPA 2018. The portfolio includes films for Solar and Safety window film applications, providing users with a very wide range of choices when planning building improvements.

商业、工业和住宅建筑的外观,在性能和安全性方面可以通过Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions推出的一系列新型建筑窗膜进行改造。该组合包括Solar和Safety窗膜,为用户规划建筑的选择范围非常广泛。

Oliver Guenther, Senior Director Marketing and Channel Strategy for Avery Dennison explained that the range has been designed with aesthetics, sustainability and building safety in mind. He said: “These materials can improve the comfort of building occupants by rejecting damaging solar radiation and shielding them from excess heat. Safety films are also able to prevent injury from shattered glass, and there are films to enable simple removal of graffiti. Our goal was to provide architects and specifiers with a complete range of window film options in one place.”

Avery Dennison 营销战略总监Oliver Guenther解释说:“该系列的设计考虑了美学、可持续性和建筑安全,这些材料可以通过排除破坏性的太阳辐射,防止多余的热量,来改善建筑内部人们的舒适度。这种窗膜也能够防止破碎的玻璃造成伤害,并且可以简单地去除涂鸦。 我们的目标是在一个地方提供各种窗膜选择。”

The high-performance Solar Window Films filter damaging solar radiation and reduce interior heat build up, thus providing multiple benefits to occupants, such as enhanced comfort, reduced glare, no fading of furniture, and lower energy costs. With a comprehensive range of finishes available, users can select their level of privacy as they transform their building’s appearance.


The Safety Window Film range is designed to improve both safety and security. It offers a range of protection levels for glass breakage caused by accident, malicious intent or extreme weather conditions. Additional surface protection solutions are available with anti-graffiti properties.







CSL Digital, a leading distributor of wide format printing technologies, inks and ancillary products, has today announced the availability of the DURAUV 1600, a new UV LED inkjet printer based on the popular Roland VersaART RF-640 platform.

CSL Digital是宽幅打印技术、油墨和辅助产品的领先经销商,近期,他们推出基于Roland VersaART RF-640平台的新型UV LED喷墨打印机DURAUV 1600。

The increasing popularity of UV ink technology in the sign, display and digital print sectors is underlined by the number of new wide-format UV inkjet printers appearing at exhibitions and trade shows over the last year or two. Historically, UV ink technology was the always associated with high end, high production printers with equally high price tags often reaching well into six figures. The more recent arrival of UV LED light curing technologies has meant that UV ink is now finding its way into the mainstream, much more affordable, roll-to-roll printers too.


CSL Digital has a long history of working closely with printer manufacturers to develop bespoke technical solutions that enable standard wide format printers to take advantage of latest developments in inks and inkjet technologies without the need to introduce entirely new models. According to CSL, the launch of the DURAUV 1600 printer is the culmination of almost two years of research, development and field trials with ‘beta site’ customers.

CSL Digital与打印机制造商密切合作,致力于开发定制的技术解决方案,使标准宽幅打印机能够利用墨水和喷墨技术的最新发展,引入全新的型号。根据CSL的说法,DURAUV 1600打印机的推出是近两年与“测试网站”客户共同研究出来的,同时使开发和现场测试上升到了另一个高度。

Justin Atkinson, the company’s Technical Director, explained: “The main advantages of UV inks over other inks are well documented. UV ink technology offers instant curing and good durability, whereas other ink formulations can require additional time for drying and/or outgassing. As no heat is involved in the UV curing process, the integrity of the roll media remains unaffected. This means that the DURAUV 1600 offers owners the potential to print on a much wider range of materials, including the many specialist films and display fabrics unsuited to the high heat drying systems associated with latex and solvent inkjet printers.”

该公司技术总监Justin Atkinson解释说:“UV油墨比其他油墨拥有更多优点,就比如,它能提供即时固化和良好的耐用性,而其他油墨配方可能需要额外的时间进行干燥或除气。由于UV固化过程中不涉及热量,卷筒介质的完整性完全不受影响,这意味着DURAUV 1600能为业主提供了更广泛的材料打印潜力,包括许多不适合与乳胶和溶剂型喷墨打印机相关的薄膜与布料。”

Initially, the DURAUV 1600 will be available in the standard 2 x 4 colour CMYK configuration, with mirrored print heads (CMYKKYMC), that make this printer a formidable production workhorse for any sign and print business. It will ship with the easy to use Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP, which is included in the package price.

最初,DURAUV 1600采用标准2 x 4色CMYK配置,配备镜像打印头(CMYKKYMC),这使得该打印机成为标牌打印业务的强大生产工具,它将附带Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP套件。

Nick Wintle, CSL’s Managing Director, said: “The DURAUV 1600 delivers dry and durable print that’s ready to ship, apply or laminate the second it leaves the printer. The cost savings associated with DURAUV are instant too.  DURAUV inks deliver more metres per litre than solvent or latex ink technologies and by using low energy UV light, rather than power hungry heaters, to cure the inks means that day to day running costs are much lower than other printers in the same class.”

CSL董事总经理Nick Wintle表示:“DURAUV 1600提供的打印品干燥耐用,在涂布或层压的第二张打印品离开打印机后,就能随时运送,这与DURAUV相关的成本也是相关的。 DURAUV油墨每升能够提供比溶剂或乳胶油墨技术更高的米数,并且通过使用低能量紫外线而不是耗电的加热器来发挥作用,这意味着日常运行成本远低于同类产品中的其他打印机。”

The DURAUV 1600 printer is available now and can be purchased with a dedicated contour cutter if print cutting is also required.

DURAUV 1600打印机现已上市,如果需要打印切割,可以配备购买专用的轮廓切割机。




In line with its mission to reduce its impact on the environment, wide format media supplier, Innotech Digital has expanded its range of PVC-free wide and super-wide format media.

为了减少对环境的影响,大幅面打印供应商Innotech Digital扩大了大幅面打印介质的应用范围。

The range was launched just over a year ago in early 2017, with the introduction of the Envirotech 260 and 300gsm FR B1 PVC-free banner materials. Manufactured to Innotech’s own specification, sales of the Envirotech range have grown steadily as demand increases for a more environmentally friendly alternative banner material and, in particular, for that sold in 3.2-metre and five-metre rolls.

Envirotech 260和300gsm FR B1横幅材料系列产品于2017年初推出,根据Innotech自己的规格制造。由于市场对环保型替代横幅材料的需求增加,Envirotech系列产品的销售额稳步增长,特别对3.2米和5米卷的需求迅速增长。

“We specialise in stocking wide and super-wide rolls of media,” said Innotech’s Marketing Manager, Kieran Dallow, “and when our customers asked us for a PVC-free banner that was stable and reliable, we set about creating a product that would meet these requirements.”

Innotech的市场经理Kieran Dallow说:”我们专注于广泛的介质库存,当我们的客户要求我们提供稳定可靠的PVC-free横幅时,我们能着手创造符合这些要求的产品。“

With the success of the first two products, the range has swiftly grown and now encompasses PVC Woven banner material, which is suitable for use with UV, solvent and latex printers, as well as the recently launched PVC Décor and Exhibition & Display range, Vertex Texure.


Products include a heavy-duty mesh banner for fence, scaffolding or stadium banners, and coated polyesters in grey-back, white-back and blue-back, which are suitable for use as wall coverings and roll-up banners, due to their excellent stay-flat properties. There is also a PVC-free coated polyester, FR B1 350gm media, which is designed for more demanding applications and is ideal for canvas frames.

产品包括用于围栏或体育场的重型网格横幅,以及灰背、白背和蓝背涂层聚酯,这些聚酯适合用作墙纸和卷起横幅,它们有保持平坦的极好属性。另外,还有一种PVC-free涂层聚酯FR B1 350gm介质,专为要求更高的应用而设计,非常适合用于帆布框架。




Fujifilm has announced the European launch of a new super-wide format platform called the Acuity Ultra, which will make its debut on the Fujifilm stand (Stand D50), Hall 2.2 at the FESPA Global Print Expo 2018 that will take place in Berlin on 15th-18th May.

近来,Fujifilm推出全新超宽幅面平台,名为Acuity Ultra,在2018 FESPA全球印刷展2.2号展台上首次亮相。

Representing the culmination of extensive market research to understand the needs of super-wide format producers today and the challenges they will face tomorrow, this latest addition to the Fujifilm Acuity range is unlike anything currently available on the market. It forms a key part of Fujifilm’s industrial strategy, offering increased size and quality to make the production of high-end interior graphics much more profitable. Built around Fujifilm’s UV cured inkjet technologies, it offers almost photographic levels of quality with tighter registration and higher production speeds, at a cost that is set to shake up the super-wide format marketplace.


Available in five-metre and 3.2-metre models, the Acuity Ultra is available with up to eight colour channels, using a new, high-quality, low film weight Uvijet GS Fujifilm ink. GREENGUARD approved, this ink has been specially designed to deliver the highest quality and is fully emission-compliant for interior graphic display work.

Acuity Ultra可提供5米和3.2米的型号,可使用高质量或低质量的新型Uvijet GS Fujifilm墨水,最多可提供8种颜色通道,这种墨水专门用于提高画面质量,并完全符合室内图形显示工作的排放标准。

With a 3pl drop size ensuring the highest possible quality, the Acuity Ultra is ideal for the high-end indoor display market, especially for luxury brands, with the quality comparable with litho and leading water-based ink systems. Based around conventional UV technology, it also runs at much higher speeds than LED cured machines, but as the vacuum table is efficiently water-cooled, there is not an excessive build-up of heat on the print plate, meaning no shrinkage.

凭借3pl的墨滴尺寸来确保最高的质量,Acuity Ultra非常适合高端室内显示器市场,特别是高档品牌,其质量可与领先的水性墨水系统相媲美。基于传统的UV技术,它的运行速度也比LED固化机高得多,但由于真空台采用的是高效水冷却,因此,在印版上,没有过多的热量积聚,这意味着减少了收缩步骤。

With a throughput of up to 236m2 per hour, the machine is capable of printing on three rolls simultaneously, as well as printing super-wide format graphics up to five metres in width. In addition, linear motors ensure smooth edge-to-edge printing with no vibrations at the end of the run.


Kevin Rhodes, Marketing Applications Manager, Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems, commented: “The Fujifilm Acuity series has long been known for its quality and reliability and, by adding this super-wide model to the range, we are now also offering customers a big step-up in quality and productivity. With the extra width, the option to print on three rolls simultaneously and the ability to print at high speeds with no compromise on quality, the Acuity Ultra will appeal to larger businesses and major luxury brands, helping them to boost production levels and profitability in this highly-competitive sector.”

Fujifilm公司特种油墨市场的应用经理Kevin Rhodes评论说:“Fujifilm Acuity系列一直以其质量和可靠性而赢得好的口碑,通过在这一系列中,增加这种超宽型号,我们也为客户提供了一大步在质量和生产力上的利益。凭借额外的宽度,可以同时在三辊印刷机上进行印刷,而不影响质量,Acuity Ultra将吸引大型企业和主要奢侈品牌,帮助他们继续提高生产水平和盈利能力。

A number of beta sites are already operational in the UK and Spain.




The popular CE series of cutting plotters from Graphtec has now been expanded with the introduction of the CE Lite-50 machine. Described as a ‘new category’ small-format entry-level professional cutting plotter, it claims design and production capabilities invariably not found in any similarly positioned and priced machine.

现在,随着CE Lite-50机器的推出,Graphtec公司广受欢迎的CE系列切割绘图机现已扩展,它被称为新小型入门级专业刻字机,其设计和生产能力在任何类似定位和定价的机器中都找不到。

Included in the number of key features of CE Lite-50 are a faster than normal cutting speed of 500mm/sec, a 50cm-wide roll media facility that is ideal for the handling of heat transfer media, a LED-based sensor, intuitive touch-panel operation and an expandable interface. The machine also incorporates, as standard, Graphtec’s latest Version 7 of the proprietary ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensing) system for radically enhanced media plotting and cutting accuracy and Cutting Master software that enables use of design data created in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW programs.

CE Lite-50的速度比普通的500mm / sec的切割速度快,非常适合处理传热介质。基于LED的传感器,直观的触摸面板操作可扩展界面。为了更好地达到标准,该机器还包含Graphtec最新版本的ARMS(自动套准标记传感)系统7,用于极大地增强绘图和切割精度。

The CE Lite-50 cutting plotter can be used for a diverse range of applications, including those found in the craft skills and hobbies sectors. Typical applications include apparel, accessories and promotional products decoration, small-run label production, glass-decorative and vehicle graphics and self-adhesive vinyl-based signs. The machine will accommodate sheets of material in sizes of A4, A3, SRA3 and Super A3.

CE Lite-50刻字机可用于多种应用,典型的应用包括服装、配件、促销产品装饰,小批量标识制作、玻璃装饰和车辆图形,以及乙烯基标牌,可容纳大小为A4、A3、SRA3和Super A3的片材。

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